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"My time with Brittany has

been an amazing journey.

I think of images of layers and concentric circles - expanding out and going deeper. (Tree rings....ripples in water...peeling an onion.) With humor, care, and deep listening, Brittany is helping me to explore goals and dreams related to my career, family life, and self care."

- Jill R

"Working with Brittany has been challenging and I have also felt a lot of movement.

I have grown to know things about myself that I didn't fully know before this coaching. I have had moments of feeling split wide open and have been able to pick up the pieces and make sense of many life challenges while working together so far.

Life shaking and moving!"

-Sarah M


There are so many things I can say about how Brittany has helped me. She challenges me, she listens, she creates the space for me to hear for myself what is inside me - my deepest wants as well as my blocks that sometimes I am not even aware of. She truly is a coach that draws out the best of me and helps guide me to realize I can create my own tools to help me achieve what I want out of life! 

-Matthew J

"My time with Brittany

was nothing short of enlightening!

She WILL ask the tough questions that you've possibly been afraid or simply not ready to ask yourself. Her approach was empowering!


Through her questions and self reflection, I increased my confidence and peace in the relationships with my sons, ex-husband and many friendships."

                  -Mendy B

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